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February                                  369
" Eludor Mir pan Gulith Harcon Dibo." She then says in unison with St. Valentine: "Read your fate !" Whereupon every man opens the envelope in his hand and finds therein one of his own visiting-cards with the word "Mrs." written before it!
"A Proposal Party" and "Progressive Courtship" are other appropriate entertainments for St. Valentine's evening—directions for which are given below.
Tnis function is conducted according to immemorial precedent—that is, by lottery—which is said to govern Dan Cupid's manipulation of the marriage market.
Men and maidens, therefore, are invited to draw at random from separate baskets tiny gilt bows and arrows, each pair of which is tied by a different shade of narrow ribbon.
The bows naturally belong to the men, as the active ones in the chase—who fasten them to a vest button— and the arrows are worn by the "victims" in their hair, or otherwise conspicuously placed.
The man discovering a girl wearing a ribbon matching his own in colour understands that he has met his fate, and during the evening must contrive to offer for her acceptance his hand, heart, and worldly goods without reservation.
She meanwhile must do everything in her power to avoid the important climax.
Not alone in words, but by note or flower, expressing sentiments of affection, may the sweet message be conveyed. A prize is offered to each man who succeeds in placing his proposal so that a definite answer must be
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