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370 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
given; and one to each girl who is so watchful and adroit as to prevent an avowal.
One bright young woman managed to drop the note in the most natural way possible before reading it, when her swain had grown so desperate by her clever fencing as to resort to writing his proposal.
The men's prizes were heart-shaped key-rings; the women's, bonbonnieres of the same interesting form.
In Leap-Year, the maids may be the ones to carry the bows, and follow with ardent attentions the holders of the arrows, who must on their side defend themselves with armour of nimble wit.
The average American of middle age hardly knows what to do with a holiday when he has one. An ex­haustive perusal of the morning papers, a walk, or a drive in the park, or possibly a horse-back ride, is in the large cities his usual programme. He has almost for­gotten how to have a good time, and, like his English cousins, "takes his pleasures sadly." In the evening, perhaps, he may attend a fine dinner or go to the play— but why might it not be a pleasant change to invite him to a luncheon ?
It would be a novelty to most business men to meet a few choice spirits of both sexes at that pleasant and informal meal, and Washington's Birthday might furnish such an occasion.
Every one is on the alert to provide entertainment for the young people, but the good husbands and fathers are usually counted out of most of the pleasures of life.
Leaving St. Valentine's day to the young folk, let us claim the fete day of the greatest American for the men
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