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February                                    371
who are bearing the burdens and carrying the responsi­bilities of the country.
I would suggest a thoroughly national menu, and anything in the way of table decoration that might be suggestive of the man in whose honour the day has been set apart.
The Colonial colours, blue and buff, may be recalled by a centrepiece of daffodils, tulips, or other yellow blossoms, the other decorations to be of the same shade, with blue plates and dishes, if one is the fortunate possessor of dark-blue Staffordshire, Canton, or even the cheap imitations of the willow pattern.
If onejs china does not lend itself to this colour scheme, a centrepiece appropriate to Washington tradition would be a miniature palm called the' 'Ardecia," which, though not two feet high, makes a very creditable imitation of a cherry tree. The little trunk is about two inches in diameter, and the leaves long and pointed like those of the tree so famous in the history of the Father of His Country. The pot, placed on a tray and banked with moss, would look as if growing on an elevation. If the natural clusters of berries are re­moved and artificial cherries hung in their place, with a toy hatchet laid at the foot of the tree, the imagination will be further stimulated.
Fold the napkins into cocked hats, and at each place a bonbon box in the form of a hatchet, with a bunch of artificial cherries tied to the stem with red, white and blue striped ribbon. The shops are full of these things. Name-cards, with cuts of the heads of George and Martha Washington upon them, may be easily procured.
If the hostess has a little skill in the use of watei* colours, she may cut bits of Bristol-board in the shape of a heraldic shield and decorate them to represent
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