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February                                  373
"Here's to the pilot that weathered the storm."— Canning.
For the menu, I would suggest only such dishes as are notably American:
Grape Fruit with Brandied Cherries
Clam Bouillon
Planked Shad
Grouse, Canvasback, or other Game Ducks, with
Celery Salad (Canned) Whortleberry or Pumpkin Pie With this the "wine of the. country"—cider—must have recognition.
If a dinner be preferred, the menu may be as dis­tinctively national:
Blue Points
Clam Soup
Roast Turke)^, Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Potatoes
Cherry Sherbet (with artificial cherries tied to the
handles of cups or glasses)
Game Ducks, with Celery Salad
(Served in Green Peppers)
Frozen Custard
This last is the ice-cream of Washington's day—first
served in America at a reception given by him at.
The turkey is peculiarly American. By some mis­apprehension that caused the people of our newly discovered continent to be called Indians, our national bird upon its introduction into France was called "poulet d' Inde," later contracted into "Dinde" and " Dindon," its diminutive. In England they confounded
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