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February                                  375
Massachusetts.                        Pennsylvania.
Connecticut.                            Maryland.
Rhode Island.                         Virginia.
New Hampshire.                    North Carolina.
New York.                              South Carolina.
New Jersey.                             Georgia.
How often has the United States been at war since 1776?óWar with the Barbary States, during Jefferson's presidency, 1804; war with England, Madison, president, 1812; war with Mexico, Polk, president, 1845; Civil War, Lincoln, president, 1861; war with Spain, McKinley, president, 1897.
A prize of Irving's "Life of Washington" may be given.
Other appropriate games are given elsewhere in this volume, as, for instance: "The Nicknames of the States," "Sobriquets of Noted Americans," "Militarv Euchre."
A colonial tea or "An Ancestors' Reunion" would also be in accord with the traditions of the day.
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