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St. Patrick's Day
E VEN for those who are not sons and daughters of the Emerald Isle, the day chosen to do honour to its patron saint affords opportunity for the introduction of special features, of which they may take advantage to give to an entertainment a spice of novelty.
Such a Hibernian feast was given recently.
To each invitation was added a postscript requesting that every guest should come prepared to tell an Irish story or anecdote, recite a poem or sing a song belonging to the nation that claims the seventeenth of March as their own.
When the guests entered the dining-room, they found a table profusely decorated with soft green foliage. A harp wound closely and thickly with smilax, and having strings of the tiniest white "immortelles," formed the centrepiece, raised on a mound covered with ferns. The skeleton harp was hired from a florist, and home talent did the rest.
The dishes holding the cakes, bonbons, and salted nuts were all wreathed with smilax and ground pine,
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