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380 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
4.  To slay and to brave.—Kildare.
5.  The capital of Ireland.—Dublin.
6.  A popular girl and to be speedy.—Belfast.
7.  Part of a lamp and an adjective.—Wicklow.
8.  To be cunning and to depart.—Sligo.
9.  A winter garment.—Ulster.
10. A pathway for one of huge stature.—Giant's Causeway.
The prize for the one guessing correctly the greatest number of names may be either inexpensive or costly, as the hostess may choose. A bunch of spring flowers tied with a green ribbon, a volume of Moore or Goldsmith— the poets from Erin who immortalised in verse the joys and sorrows of the Irish peasantry. For the booby, a paper snake, to be had at the Japanese shops.
If it be desired, one of the following quotations from Moore might be written upon each place-card at table:
"When friends are nearest, When joys are dearest, Oh, then remember me."
"Here still is the smile that no cloud can o'ercast, And a heart and a hand all thy own to the last."
" You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, But the scent of roses will hang round it still."
"Oh, there are looks and tones that dart An instant sunshine through the heart!"
"There's nothing half so sweet in life As love's young dream."
" Oh ! if there be an Elysium on earth, It is this, it is this."
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