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382 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
bread with caraway seeds, and the small cakes which the German bakers have in great variety. The coffee should be of the best and served with whipped cream.
It should be understood that at a " Kaffee " the guests bring their work and "make an afternoon of it." Invite them at half after three and serve the refreshments at five. A little music is in order, or the entertainment would lack its German character—"homely" music, that encourages others to contribute what they have to give. It is a great mistake to do things too well.
"Poverty Luncheons" offer another way of combining pleasure and philanthropy—they are more nearly synony­mous than many think. Half a dozen girls agree to meet at the home of each, in turn, once a week, or once a fortnight, for luncheon. At every meeting each guest brings fifty cents, which is given to some charity, and each hostess pledges herself not to exceed three dollars in preparing her entertainment. These prices and con­tributions may, of course, be varied at pleasure. At the close of the meal the hostess must tell the price paid for each article of food, which the guests note upon their menu cards. It taxes ingenuity, teaches economy, stimulates interest in the preparation of new and inex­pensive dishes, pleases by its novelty, and makes possi­ble an interchange of pleasant sociability to some who, otherwise, would deny themselves the pleasures which they crave and sometimes need.
A sample menu would be: canned bouillon (15 cents); creamed codfish, served in green peppers (40 cents); two pounds chops (50 cents); with pur^e.of French chest­nuts (15 cents); salad of chopped apple and celery with mayonnaise, served in red apples (35 cents); pineapple ice, served in the whole rind (45 cents); coffee (8 cents); bread and butter (15 cents). Total, $2.23.
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