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March                                    383
The idea for "Poverty Luncheons" may be carried out in a dinner, and the young men be invited as guests. They may contribute their donation for the charity, limited strictly to the small sum given by the girls, or they will feel that in order to appear generous they must make a gift larger than inclination warrants, and the pleasure will be lost.
After dinner few things will be more productive of amusement than giving the men to understand that they have met to sew for charity; and that there must be no drones, each girl may teach her cavalier to hem an apron !
An old English custom, which still survives in some of the rural districts among that conservative people, cele­brates mid-Lent Sunday as a day for special devotion to one's parents.
It is called "Mothering Sunday" and is observed by the assembling of all the sons and daughters of a house­hold, who come from far and near, bringing gifts, and intent upon making the occasion a joyous one to the "old folks at home."
The fruits of housewifely zeal or of the industry of nimble fingers are proudly brought for the mother's acceptance and approval, while a gift of home-brewed ale, or some exceptionally fine farm produce—treasured for the occasion—is offered to the father.
We may easily imagine the pleasant little feast that brings the family around a common table, as in the days before their separation—the happy faces, the exchange of loving glances, the narration of personal affairs that cannot fail to find sympathetic and interested listen­ers, and, best of all, the grateful love and reverence expressed for the faithful parents, who must indeed have counted that Sunday a red-letter day.
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