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another to the person who had been successful in '' catch­ing" the greatest number.
Forewarned was forearmed, but after a while it was pretended that the effort was useless and other forms of amusement were ostensibly resorted to. One then claimed to have special mesmeric powers and asked for volunteers upon whom to show his spells, and two empty saucers. A single person offered, and was seated before the mesmerist, who looked his victim sternly and fixedly in the eyes, as though to gain an empire over his will. Each was then given an empty saucer, and the mesmer­ist touched with his forefinger the underside of the one he held and then passed his forefinger across his fore­head, down his nose, touched his chin and both cheeks, commanding the "subject" to follow faithfully his every motion. A mirror was then produced and the victim beheld himself and discovered the reason of the sup­pressed laughter that he had been hearing, for although the saucers were apparently alike, the under side of the one held by the mesmerist was clean, while that of the other was smeared with lampblack. Only one unac­quainted with the hoax would have offered himself when the saucers were produced.
Another "April fool" was tried after the suspicions of the company had been somewhat lulled to sleep by other tricks and "stunts," one of which was called
In the middle of the floor were scattered sofa-cushions, plates, books, etc., and a volunteer was directed first to walk over the course between these articles, so as to fix in his mind the distance and the situation of the various things. He was then blindfolded and requested to thread his way as carefully as possible between them so
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