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392 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
of print and boil them until dyed red, blue, green, or a variety of colours united. This accomplished, they are unwrapped and hidden in readiness for the joyous hunt in the morning. The children are up and dressed with the dawn, when the search begins—the entire family joining in the fun. Each egg discovered is with name attached as testimony to the good behaviour of the recipient.
A knowledge of the reason why we follow certain cus­toms in connection with our gala days is certainly necessary to our intelligent observance of them. It has been said that "the world is very young for its age," and most of our holy-days have become mere holidays. Easter alone still holds its sacred character, and is the one day in all the year that educates and emphasises the duty of praise.
"It is a pretty fashion to be glad; Joy is the grace we say to God."
With Easter week comes a revival of social pleasures, and the lovely messages entrusted to the flowers on the preceding Sunday still lingering in their minds, some young girls planned an Easter luncheon, recognising no incongruity between so innocent an enjoyment and the lessons taught by the holy season.
The ancients regarded the butterfly as so perfect an emblem of the soul that in Greece the word "Psyche," which properly means the human soul, was used also to signify the butterfly.
These young girls then determined that these "flying flowers" should be the prominent features of their little fete. In the centre of the table, above a low, round basket filled with growing hyacinths—white, pink,
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