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402 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
merest novice if placed in the low glass troughs that florists keep for hire, and which may be adapted to any form. A large ring-shaped trough made of tin may be had for one dollar and fifty cents, and with a light-blue ribbon tied about it to hide its plebeian nature, where the parting of the flowers may betray its presence, the effect is dainty and pretty. The shape is rather better than that made with the glass troughs. White candles with tiny blue shades (crimped paper ones are effective) at the four corners of the table may be further supple­mented with bobeches woven of artificial forget-me-nots twisted, as though growing, about the base of the candles. The last are a pretty novelty at one of New York's most famous shops, but so simple are they any one could make them.
If the hostess be so fortunate as to possess a square of linen embroidered with the flowers it will, of course, add much to the completeness of the decoration.
Unfortunately, there are no cakes nor bonbons with the blue colouring, but white ones will replace them acceptably—if cut-glass or silver dishes hold them— banishing all colour but blue and white from the table. A little ingenuity may supply the bit of blue required. Take the ordinary little white-paper cups with crimped edges that caterers use to hold fine bonbons; cut out of turquoise-blue note-paper a five-petalled flower in the shape of a forget-me-not, about two and one-half inches across. Make a hole in the centre, the size of the opening of the paper cup, and fasten it with a little mucilage to the crimped rim. This will make an ap­propriate receptacle for a pale-pink bonbon, like the heart of the little flower.
The custom of giving "souvenirs" has been vulgarised by exaggeration, but at an entertainment like this they
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