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May                                         403
are certainly in place. The little photograph frames, made of imitation enamelled forget-me-nots, have the merit, at least, of being harmonious with the rest of the decorations, and are, perhaps, prettiest in the shape of small hearts. The menu of the luncheon might tem­porarily hold the place later to be occupied by the pictured face of some dear one. These little frames have the merit of being inexpensive, and are pretty enough to be their own "excuse for being." .
If the hostess has deft fingers and does not mind a little "fussing," a very pretty receptacle may be made for the ice-cream.
A tinman will make a wire netting around an ice­cream tin of the ordinary "brick" shape at a trifling cost. Artificial forget-me-nots may be so interlaced in its meshes as to make the surface all of flowers and occasional leaves. If the wires be twisted so as to form handles at the ends, they may be wound with light-blue satin ribbon and tied with bows.
If the hostess be a bit of an artist, the name-cards may be ornamented with sprays of forget-me-nots, but if her talents lie in other directions a little bunch of the natural flowers, or even the artificial ones of finest quality, may be tied to the cards by little bows of blue ribbon. The stems of the natural flowers should be seen, but if artificial ones be used the ribbon should be wider so as to conceal them.
Under the ladies' names may be written "Forget-me-not," each in a different language, since the little flower never changes its name, except to make its message intelligible to the different nations.
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