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June                                      407
four inches in width, which indicated the sticks of the fan and made a separation between the places of the guests, at the same time concealing the seams and other devices for making a table-cloth fit a fan.
The main outer sticks of the fan-table were indicated by masses of pink roses and syringa, two feet wide at the edge, and tapering nearly to a point where they joined the huge pink bow.
The same flowers were repeated in a border just in front of the guests. They were placed in shallow glass-holders about two feet long and four inches wide, which were filled with water, and set in a zig-zag line to sug­gest the foldings of a fan. At each place was a bona fide fan of finely braided straw, gilded, round in shape, with a handle, and tied to the handle by a bow of rib­bon was a spray of roses and syringa which almost cov­ered the fan itself. These fans, placed by the side of the guests, concealed the pink ribbons just where they fell over the edge of the table.
The principal dishes were surrounded with wreaths of flowers which had been daintily woven with the aid of fine florists' wire and kept in water until the luncheon was about to be served, while the lesser dishes were adorned with smilax. Of course, they were placed in rows between the ribbons, and were graduated in size from the edge to the point of the fan.
After luncheon, the grounds offered many attractions for strolling about or sitting in groups on the grass, the girls unconsciously making as pretty pictures of them­selves as any Watteau ever painted, until nearly sun­set, when they were joined by a party of young men, who were invited to come for afternoon tea, and join the girls in a game of Fan Ball (the game is described elsewhere).
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