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408 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The winner of the prize received a dainty fan of white bolting-cloth with pink sticks. The young hostess, who was somewhat skilled in the use of water-colours, had painted on the white background in letters formed of a succession of tiny pink poses the word "Darina"—the name of the place. It is an Arabic word, meaning " Our Happy Home." A long pink ribbon was tied at the end to recall the table effect, and the whole was a charming souvenir of a delightful occasion.
After the exertion of the game they welcomed the suggestion to sit under the trees and have their fortunes told.
The hostess then presented a pink-lined basket, from which each one took a little white extension fan and welcomed its use.
From a similar fan in her own hand she proceeded to read such questions as
" Upon what shall my happiness depend ?"
" Have I ever met my fate ?"
" In the marriage lottery shall I draw prize or blank ?"
Upon opening their fans, they each found thereon their particular answers to the general questions, in­scribed in gilt letters.
The bright faces as they took their leave plainly showed that the answers had been satisfactory.
The people of a certain picturesque hamlet of New England will long remember a fete given by the Lady Bountiful of the countryside, in her beautiful and extensive grounds, for the purpose of raising the neces­sary funds to buy a new organ for the village church.
The organist was a musician of real talent, and had
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