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June                                      409
thoroughly aroused the enthusiastic interest of the young people of the church, who diligently rehearsed for weeks under his leadership for the parts which they were to assume at the fete. It was decided that the enter­tainment should be called "Music Personified," and each should contribute a song or form part of a chorus.
When the important afternoon arrived, apparently all the people of the village, from the oldest inhabitant to the youngest child, seemed to have distributed them­selves over the velvet lawns and grassy hill-slopes. The entrance fee was made so small that none had to be deterred from coming. The hostess made all cordially welcome, and her personal friends and those to whom the gods of this world had been indulgent followed her gracious example and realised that in God's beautiful outdoor world there was room for all.
At a signal of a chime of bells falling musically on the still air every one took seats on the sides of the road up which the choristers were expected to come in procession, making unconsciously the effect of flowery borders in their multi-coloured garments, the parasols and fans poised and fluttering above them like butterflies.
First came half a dozen young girls in classic Greek dress, all in white, their heads wreathed with spring blossoms (of Japanese paper), and waving branches of the same with rhythmic motion, while they sang Men­delssohn's "Spring Song."
Following them came a contrast in the persons of a band of (apparently) plantation negroes, singing favour­ite "coon songs," while they amused the company by going through the absurdities of a cake-walk.
After them came a flock of little children, playing on the instruments used in the Kinder Symphony and scat-
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