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I N nearly every happy household in the country, the holiday spirit is rife as we approach the "glorious Fourth," and doors stand hospitably open in wel≠come to friends and neighbours, as though a common subject for congratulation had made all the world akin.
If Thanksgiving Day is specially set apart for family reunions, the time-honoured traditions of the Fourth of July exact a generous hospitality toward the unfortunate dwellers in cities, the lone bachelors, or other homeless wanderers (?), and after a day spent in noisily demon≠strating our sense of independence, it may be fitly closed by an old-fashioned "tea party," adhering to colonial traditions.
An actual experience is always more interesting than a supposititious one, and a few suggestions which are perfectly practicable may not be unwelcome.
If one be more anxious to give pleasure than to dis≠charge social debts, I should advise choosing one's guests from among city friendsóbelated tourists who have been disappointed, or who have not yet succeeded in finding summer quarters to their liking, professional men whose time is at every one's disposal but their own. These, with a sprinkling of pleasant neighbours, will appreciate
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