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414 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
berries, while a third may hold a large ring of tomato jelly enclosing a romaine salad, well-covered with a white mayonnaise dressing. The bonbons may be wrapped separately in white tissue paper to represent torpedoes, and the cakes made in the shape of five-pointed stars with white icing, thirteen of which laid on a blue-laced paper background will recall the starry portion of our flag.
Each lady may find at her place a folding fan of the kind that, when closed, is concealed in its handle.
A piece of scarlet paper glued around this handle and a bit of a hempen string substituted for the usual little tassel make a very fair representation of a fire-cracker. At the men's places, little boxes, also made to resemble fire-crackers (to be bought at any confectioner's), may each contain a choice cigar.
The cigar may be wrapped about with a slip of paper and a similar paper be concealed in the handle of each lady's fan, upon which may be written some bit of information of national interest or a good story of American life, wit, or manners. After each guest has read aloud the selection that falls to his or her lot, the conversation will probably have received an impetus in the direction of patriotic subjects.
As for the menu, the red, white, and blue may be preserved throughout.
Tomato bouillon in blue-and-white cups, creamed codfish garnished with pickled beets, and broiled chickens with the tomato jelly and romaine salad or tomatoes whole with white mayonnaise as an accom­paniment—the blue of the china adding the third colour. In July, ice-cream is the most acceptable sweet course before the fruit. I am assured that a cupful of canned blueberry juice, added to vanilla ice-cream, will give the
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