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July                                      415
desired blue colour of the flag, and currant and lemon juices mixed make a very fair scarlet ice. The white is easily achieved by vanilla cream, made without eggs. Each colour is frozen separately, and a slice of each packed in a small mould, covered with ice and salt.
Water-melon, one of the usual Fourth of July dishes, is prettiest if served with the rind removed, cut in half, and each dome of crystalline red on a separate dish.
By way of diversion for the evening, the game of "Military Euchre"—the directions for which are given in this volume—would be appropriate to the occasion as adhering to revolutionary names, or if the weather is sultry or warm the guests may enjoy a small display of fireworks from the shelter of the piazza. With rockets whizzing up in space around them, the traditions of the day thronging their memories, and the smell of powder in the air, they will wax patriotic and probably realise vividly that the spirit of 1776 is not extinct in 1904!
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