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enjoyed in such comfortable and attractive surround­ings.
The idea is said to have originated with a devoted mother, who was unwilling to leave her young sons in town without a home that was worthy the name and thus withdraw the influences that she thought most conducive to their best interests. The pleasures that came to the rest of the family were incidental, and an occasional trip to the seashore or mountains had all the charm that novelty gives and familiarity so soon destroys.
That was a clever woman who first discovered that a costume f&te was no more trouble for the hostess than to give an ordinary function, since the guests form the pageant that every one seems desirous of witnessing. No prettier setting than a lawn shaded with trees can be found for such a picturesque entertainment.
A "Trianon Fete" was given last summer upon a pretty lawn that bordered on the waters of French­man's Bay. The name indicated the period of Marie Antoinette, and suggested the simplicity of attire assumed by the ladies of her court while playing at being shepherdesses and humble folk during their sojourn at Trianon.
Gowns of flowered chintz, muslin, and cretonne made in the pretty fashions of the period were charming with the powdered heads upon which rose-wreathed, coarse straw hats were set coquettishly askew. A touch of rouge and a patch are legitimate accessories of powdered locks.
There were many varieties of costume, some with side "panniers" looped high over petticoats of harmonising tints, the bodices square-necked, with " Watteau" backs
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