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422 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
business are aroused into an exhibition of interest when entertainment takes an unhackneyed form.
One hostess, counting upon the "Harvest Moon's" cooperation, tried with success the experiment of giving a lawn party by moonlight—with the proviso that, if the moon did not put in an appearance, the guests might follow its example and come the first fair evening after the date first named. The guests, upon arrival at her gates, found them spanned by arches of Japanese lanterns, which gala effect seemed to promise pleasure at the outset. And as the invitations had included the request to come in some sylvan costume, each person regarded every other with interest and eager curiosity. Maid Marian, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck, and all Robin Hood's "merry men of the green­wood" were there in full force, as well as Flora, Pomona, Ceres, and the dryads. Cory don and Phillis, and Arcadian shepherds and shepherdesses jostled gypsies and other out-of-door folk, and the kind moonlight glorified all the scene and transformed the common­place into the ideal.
The trees and piazzas were hung with lanterns in profusion, and a kiosk was improvised for the musi­cians by setting up half a dozen posts in a circle, which were connected with a taller one in the centre by poles with the bark on laid to form a roof. These were covered with spruce boughs and other foliage laid across them, and the upright posts wound with orange cheese­cloth, with lanterns strung between them. Dancing on the lawn was much enjoyed, though square dances only were found really practicable.
A gypsy fortune-teller found a welcome, and strolls by moonlight with the accompaniment of strains of
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