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September                                423
distant music will have a romantic charm as long as youth endures
Good taste had provided that the guests should be so numerous as to make long tete-a -tete walks subject to frequent friendly interruptions, so that the proprieties even in seeming should be preserved.
Croquet was played with phosphorescent balls and hoops, and a contest of archery, at short range, was presided over by St. Hubert, the patron saint of foresters. His costume symbolised his story. A famous hunter turned monk after seeing a vision of the cross between the horns of a deer that he was pursuing. His head was encased in a close-fitting green cap, surmounted by a small pair of deer-horns, with a cross of gilt pasteboard between the branches. A long dressing-gown did duty for a cassock, tied about the waist with a rope, and a bugle-horn in place of a crucifix—to combine the characters of monk and hunter.
The supper was a bountiful one, composed only of cold dishes—iced bouillon, salmon mayonnaise, galan­tine, salads, berries, ices, cakes, with punch and lemonade —and was served in the house.
The hostess had thought that after supper her guesta would enjoy a dance indoors, but the spell of the moon­light was upon them and all eagerly sought the fairyland it made.
The invitations should be sent without envelopes, as was the manner in colonial times—the top and bottom of the paper folded down and up so as to meet in the middle of the sheet. The sides are next folded in the same way, So that one edge overlaps a little, which takes the place of the flap of an envelope and receives the
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