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September                                425
who, having waived their claims, are entitled to sentence the culprit.
A "country" way of reading the future may amuse. A space is cleared and a heap of corn thrown on the floor, within which each maiden who hopes to learn her fate hides a ring. A cock is then admitted and is naturally attracted to the tempting grain. The first ring to be uncovered by his prying beak indicates its owner as the first bride from the bevy of girls.
The guests should dress in as "countrified" a manner as possible consistent with becomingness—the girls in gmgham dresses, dainty white aprons, large garden hats (such as a country lass might wear, not a lady of Marie Antoinette's court masquerading as a rustic maiden), and sunbonnets, which, when bent back and put on coquettishly, are "vastly fetching." The young men wear knickerbockers, big hats, which may be trimmed with autumn leaves or carry a feather of some barn-yard fowl—lacking an eagle's.
The supper should consist of clam chowder, chicken pot-pie, hot waffles and maple syrup, with apples, nuts, molasses cake, pop-corn, and cider.
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