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The cards of invitation were decorated with pen-and-ink sketches of bats, owls, black cats, and brooms, and bore the following doggerel:
"Come at the witching hour of eight, And let the fairies read your fate; Reveal to none this secret plot, Or woeŚnot luckŚwill be your lot."
The address was on the back of the card.
At exactly the time appointed many of the guests stood before the house, full of gleeful and deliciously mysterious anticipations, and were admitted before the ringing of the door-bell by the unclosing of the portals without apparent human agency. The hall was almost dark, and an enormous hand, cut out of black paper, with one finger extended, was glued to the wall and pointed up the stairway. All followed the silent guidance, and wraps were removed in another dark room, indicated by a pumpkin lantern with grinning face, where other shades were seen silently divesting themselves of their cloaks. All spoke in whispers, the solemn attendant maid setting the example. We went down the stairs in twos and threes, feeling the need of friendly support.
The hostess was arrayed as a witch, with high-peaked cap, decorated with a life-sized bat of gray-black paper, elf locks, her face stained with walnut-juice, her clothes of sombre brown, and in her hand the traditional broom of twigs tied to the handle with twine. Two girl friends, who seemed to be her aids, were similarly attired. The large room was lighted only with grotesque-faced lanterns and with alcohol, burning a blue flame, in vessels scattered about.
Again, no one spoke above a whisper, though little
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