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October                                  429
Of course it forms upon the ground the initial of the name of one's future husband or wife.
To prevent the waiting for turns at this popular table, other apples were hidden about the room in all sorts of impossible places, with a knife at hand for each, and were hunted for in couples. One venturesome maid tried the ancient spell of eating an apple before a looking-glass, with a view to seeing her future husband peering over her shoulder. So many peeped at her that she was forced to resort to other means to learn anything definite.
Another table held an enormous pie made of flour, in which was hidden a ring to be sought for by those willing to plunge their mouths in it—untouched by mortal hand—and above a third was suspended an apple by a string attached to a portiere-rod.
This was set whirling, and the one who would secure special good fortune for the year must snatch a bite of the apple without touching it with his hands. The bite secured, the apple is cut open and the seeds counted, each one standing for the fulfillment of a separate wish.
Apples were also put in a tub half filled with water, and a merry crowd of young men, on bended knees, ducked their heads to seize the stems with their teeth. The one who captured the greatest number was voted the champion, assured of success in love, and was crowned with apple-parings.
At a large open fireplace one of the three witching mistresses of ceremonies was telling fortunes by means of solder melted in a big iron spoon. This, when dropped into water, took odd forms, which, by the aid of a fertile imagination, were construed to prophesy the appear­ance, occupation, or disposition of the future mate.
A second witch at the fire presided over the Hallowe'en
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