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October                                     431
snakes, owls, lizards, newts, frogs, and all sorts of slimy, unpleasant things. The matching cards decided the partners.
The supper had some novel features. In the centre of the table, a huge pumpkin, hollowed out, contained and was wreathed about with yellow chrysanthemums. Later on, the flowers were removed and the pumpkin was passed around, and each person drew from it a hollow egg-shell containing a motto or fortune, a stuffed banana, a lemon or orange skin, enclosing a prediction.
A Hallowe'en cake contained a ring, a coin, a thimble, and a button. The first promised speedy marriage, the second great wealth, the last two assigned the fate of
spinster and bachelor.
Of a sudden, all the electric lights went out, and the witch-hostess gave into the hand of each an English wal­nut, saying in sepulchral voice,
" Hold above a candle what is found within, Careful not to scorch it—that would be a sin."
Thereupon candles were brought in and passed from hand to hand. When the halves of the walnuts were forced apart, a folded bit of blank paper was all that was found, but held near the candle flame, words began to appear in most uncanny fashion. The trick was done by writing with lemon-juice, which leaves no trace until the heat of the flame makes it clear.
After supper, we gathered about the fire and listened to blood-curdling stories told by the three witches in turn. At the climax of the most gruesome one, the gong pealed out midnight with weird effect, each stroke louder than the preceding one, and all joined hands and went down the cellar in hot haste and up again, out into the dark­ness, and around the house, until, out of breath but with
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