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432 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
merry faces, the guests took leave of their hostess and each other with noisy protestations of having had a "gloriously jolly time!"
An old-fashioned farm-house is the ideal place for a Hallowe'en frolic. The wide fireplace and the simple furnishings are in harmony with all its traditions.
The most appropriate decorations are boughs of maple, beech, and pine, flaming leaves and berries, rosy-cheeked apples and golden pumpkins, with garlands of ground pine and the feathery wild clematis.
Jack-o'-lanterns and candles set in apples for candle­sticks furnish light enough in addition to the roaring fire.
A closet near at hand might be furnished as a witch's den. Festoons of black or gray tarletan, made very dusty, simulate cobwebs fairly well if hung near the ceiling, and paper bats hanging head downward are easily made with wads for their bodies and wires covered with gray-black paper marking the spines in the wings. Cobwebs, bats and gloom go far toward giving the proper effect.
Moreover, a gypsy tent in a corner is always an attractive adjunct to such an entertainment. A dark-eyed girl, dressed in the garish dress of a gypsy queen, and possessing a personal knowledge of the circumstances and characters of the guests and the wit to use it, may disclose some very mysterious and interesting facts in the telling of fortunes.
While the men "bob" for the elusive apples, merrily floating in a low tub of water, the girls may sail walnut-shells carrying tiny candles in a similar tub, to see whether their ships will have fortune or misfortune. Jumping over twelve lighted candles is another favourite
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