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way of discovering by the one that is put out in what month will one be married.
Suspended from the ceiling may be crossed rods of witch-hazel, at one end of one of which is a piece of bread, at another some favourite sweet, while a third holds a candle-end, and the fourth a red pepper. This is kept twirling rapidly, and the inquirer of fate seizes a bite, seeking to know whether his married life is to be peaceful and commonplace, delightful, disagreeable, or peppery! The face of the questioner leaves the observers in little doubt as to the result.
Three bowls or saucers—one holding clear water, one murky or milky water, while one is left empty—are also consulted, their positions being changed before each trial of the fates.
The empty saucer denotes single blessedness, the clear water married happiness, the murky water domestic infelicity.
Another game associated both with Hallowe'en and Christmas from time immemorial is "Snap-Dragon" (elsewhere described).
A "Witch's Cave" may be improvised by transform­ing a small room into a forest of greenery, lighted only with blue-shaded lights and Jack-o'-lanterns. The witch, dressed all in red, her gown decked with cabalis­tic figures, toy spiders and serpents, and wearing a sugar-loaf hat with lifelike (Jap paper) serpent coiled around it, will add to the uncanny effect. She presents to each one who desires to consult her a tall lighted candle and a paper funnel, through which the inquirer must try to extinguish the flame by blowing through the funnel after "making a wish." If the attempt is successful, the wish will surely come true. Before frying, this seems extremely easy, but after the third
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