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Some obliging swain might volunteer to fill the role and, perhaps, be of real service in preventing a tumble.
To be strictly observant of Hallowe'en traditions, as the company files out of the door, preparatory to mak­ing the breathless tour of the house, each must take a mouthful of water and a handful of salt. These must be carried around the house three times without spilling or swallowing. The successful ones may be assured that the first persons of the opposite sex that address them directly will be their future mates.
If, after all these efforts, he or she fails to materialise or give evidence of existence, one must eat a pinch of salt before sleeping—when, if no water is tasted, no word spoken until morning, the future bride or bridegroom will appear in dreams.
The supper at a Hallowe'en party should be of a some­what rustic nature—cold boiled ham with vegetable salad, apples, various nuts, popped corn, maple sugar, gingerbread, doughnuts and crullers made in the shape of initials, fruits, and cider.
The bowl of punch or lemonade should be wreathed with vine leaves.
"All in the gay and golden weather" of a crisp October afternoon a merry company of young men and maidens assembled at the house of a lady whose pleasure it was to gather bright young faces about her and give their owners "good times."
The invitations had been a surprise—the card of the hostess tied by a bit of scarlet ribbon to the stem of a glowing maple leaf. Below the date and hour, in one corner, was written the word "Leaves."
In spite of this suggestion, they were surprised to see
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