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444 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
profusion, peeped hothouse peaches and grapes, pears, Florida oranges, bananas, apples, wild grapes, lady apples, California plums, and green filberts.
At each place was a small bonbonniere covered with strips of red, white, and blue satin ribbon, each contain­ing besides the national nut-candies, five grains of corn, in memory of the starvation times of New England,
The .menu was a twentieth-century adaptation of the traditional fare—the "age of ease," reminiscencing over "the youth of labour" and its arduous and frugal past:
Blue-point Oysters
Terrapin Soup
Roast Turkey stuffed with Chestnuts
Cranberry Sauce
Boston Baked Beans and onions
Haunch of Venison with currant jelly
Canvas-back Duck with celery salad
The large pumpkin pie was wreathed with golden chrysanthemums, and, besides the cider, only California wines were served.
In contrast to these opulent doings, a merry family party sat at a table—the decorations of which had taxed little besides home talent and ingenuity. The centrepiece was composed of three horns of plenty, placed "back to back," filled with apples, oranges, grapes, and the little rosy spheres called lady-apples, with laurel leaves, which resemble their natural foliage. The horns were evolved out of green tissue-paper twisted into strands and braided basket-fashion, on frames of picture-wire. Nuts and nut-candies filled four small dishes, and old-fashioned brass candlesticks held candles without shades.
The dinner was simple, but that best of sauces—good
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