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November                                445
appetite—was not lacking, and "what they wanted in wit, they made up in laughter ":
Oyster Soup Creamed Codfish in a ring enclosing ball potatoes, dusted
with chopped parsley
Roast Turkey Cranberry sauce, succotash, sweet potatoes, and onions
Pumpkin Pie
After dinner, a huge tin cup was placed on the table and with much ceremony a white ribbon was laid across it, upon which in gilt lettering one read, "My cup run­neth over." All were invited to compete for a prize— to be given to the one who should write the longest or best and most thoughtful list of God's gifts for which he or she had cause to be thankful. These were to be written upon slips of paper, signed, and dropped one by one into the cup. It set every one's mind at work to "count up de marcies," and the cup was soon crammed to overflowing, while all began to realise the truth of—
"How much the happy days outweigh the sorrowful! "
There was a separate prize for the children, and one small boy headed his list with— "Glad I ain't a gurl!"
The Thanksgiving hostess is not relieved of responsi­bility after the dinner has been enjoyed, for her guests have still to be entertained, and something must be done to dispel the lethargy that is apt to follow the feast.
A little game that provides occupation and a mild interest without taxing the mind is best to begin with,
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