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446 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Such a game in which all may join is to take the word "thanksgiving" and make from it as many other words as possible, proper names being excepted. After allowing fifteen or twenty minutes for writing down the words, one list is read aloud; any one else having the same words on his or her list must cross them off. Only those words count which no one else has thought of.
Another amusement, quite in accord with the day, is to give out a list of questions such as why, when, and where the first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated ? Who issued the proclamation ? Who was the English sover­eign at that time ? and any others relative to the subject. To present these questions in an attractive form, paint upon water-colour paper pumpkin pies about six inches in diameter. Cut these out, and with a bit of yellow ribbon fasten to the back of each two sheets of white paper, upon which the questions are written. Give one of these pies, to which a pencil is tied, to each guest, and allow a certain amount of time in which to write the answers.
One of the children of the household may be privileged to look up the questions in advance, and a proud moment will be that in which he or she alone is able to answer authoritatively some questions about which the elders must confess ignorance. Such little triumphs stimulate further research and help to create a thirst for informa­tion.
A pumpkin, hollowed out and wreathed with leaves, may be brought in, containing a tiny souvenir for each person present—preferably some cheap little toy having a teasing or at least a personal significance. They should be wrapped in paper. If the seeds of the pumpkin are preserved, washed, and dried, their number may form the subject of a guessing contest.
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