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November                                 447
An appropriate prize for such a contest, which may be withdrawn from the pumpkin itself, would be an Indian made of dried figs and raisins, threaded on wire. The materials necessary are a large fig for the body, a smaller one for the head, a yard of wire, raisins for arms and legs, two black beads for eyes, a bit of chamois for moccasins, a few feathers, crimped brown paper for the skirt, a little red paint for the cheeks, lips, and war-paint lines, fine black sewing-silk for hair, and a broom-straw for a bow, a sewing-thread for the bowstring. A gilt-paper quiver may be on the man's back, and in the quiver wooden toothpick arrows, with feathered ends bound to them with finest wire.
There are many games of which reminiscent thoughts of the Thanksgiving dinner form the theme. One is the following:
Menu for Thanksgiving
Cards are distributed, upon each of which is written a list of objects suggestive of a feast, opposite to which the players write their guesses of what dishes are described. For instance:
1.  Soup—Imitation reptile.
2.  Fish—"Collect on delivery."
3.  Roasts—The country of the Crescent, and Adam's wife—served with a sauce of what undid her.
4.  Vegetables—Two kinds of toes ne'er found on man or beast; a mild term for stealing; what your heart does.
5.  Puddings—What we say to a nuisance, and exactly perpendicular.
6.  Pies—An affected gait, and related to a well.
7.  Fruit—A kind of shot.
The answers are:
1.  Soup—Afock turtle.
2.  Fish—C. O. D.
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