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"The High and Holy Festival" Traditional Scenes of Christmas Celebration?
L IKE illustrations on the page of history are the scenes that, through the magic of that marvel-lous vehicle for thought transference—the pen, have come down to us, so that the things of long ago are almost as vivid to our imaginations as are the re­membered incidents of our own past.
More interesting than wars and factions, than doings of kings and statesmen, are the glimpses we get of the life of the people, and, best of all, our view of them in holiday mood, when enjoying themselves. We feel the "touch of nature" that makes the world akin.
Our own pleasure days and holidays are many of them lineal descendants of the old-time festivals, and none more dependent upon ancient precedent than the celebration of Christmas Day.
The celebration of the "return of the sun," which at the winter solstice began gradually to regain its power, was observed with rejoicings in many lands. The Earliest Yule-tide
In pagan times, the Norsemen celebrated their festival of Iol or Yule at this season, and though, strictly speak-
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