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458 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The invitations may read:
The walls of the room in which the spectres assemble should be hung with white cheese-cloth, and all lights screened with white paper shades lined with blue, tc give a more ghastly effect, to which burning alcohol con­taining a pinch of salt will contribute.
The ghosts arrive, draped in sheets, with pillow-cases about their heads, wearing white masks and gloves. At the appearance of each female phantom the hostess says "Sh-h-h!" which all the guests repeat, but upon the arrival of a man spirit a dolorous groan is his wel­come, and is taken up by the rest of the company. They move noiselessly about the room, never speaking above a sepulchral whisper. If a "graveyard" cough can be managed at intervals, the effect will be appreciated.
Each apparition must wear a distinctive mark on his or her forehead—a splash of blood-red paint, a bone attached to the top of the mask, the picture of a spade, a skull—anything gruesome. With these they are
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