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December                                 461
may stand, lighted up with many small tapers and hung with little gifts, to be distributed as souvenirs at the close of the feast. Various small articles in silver may be had at trifling cost, and if marked with the initials of the guests, will show a personal thought for each that never fails to please. With crystals the tips of the little boughs may be made to glitter like icicles. The effect is produced by dipping the tips in a saturated solution of alum and allowing them to remain for some hours, when the alum will have crystallised about the branches in a charming manner. Strings of cranberries, or holly ber­ries, gilded nuts, and tiny Japanese lanterns may further adorn the little tree.
Artificial trees, too, cleverly made, may be had, but if preferred a large, round basket filled with holly and tied about with wide scarlet ribbon may be substituted, or a star-shaped centrepiece may be used.
A tiny Yule-log makes a unique and appropriate deco­ration for the centre of the table. It should be sixteen inches long, the bark lichen-stained if possible, and hol­lowed out so as to be filled to overflowing with holly. Graceful ropes of foliage may be suspended from the chandelier in festoon effect and held near the edge of the table by a sprig of holly tied with a scarlet bow.
In the "colour scheme" scarlet should be introduced, as much as possible, as presenting the gayest contrast with the foliage. Sugar-almonds are made with the brightest of red covering, and for the sake of their colour may form the top layer on a dish of more toothsome confections. Scarlet icing on cake, though coloured with harmless cochineal, is apt to be regarded with suspicion, but candied or crystallised cherries on the white sugar will give a bright touch of colour.
No fruit more choice than highly polished red apples
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