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autumn, had been thrilled with delicious horrors by tales of ghosts and hobgoblins told by certain of her fellow-guests about a generous fire just before they separated for the night. The next morning she ap­peared at the breakfast table, ready for departure, and when pressed to explain her reason for going, confessed that she was afraid to sleep under that roof another night. She said that about midnight she was awakened by a stealthy step, and to her horror saw a spectre all in white at the foot of the bed, and it raised its claw­like hands and deliberately drew the coverlid from off the bed. There was no hallucination about it, for the coverlid was gone!
While the interest was at its height, a belated break-faster appeared and remarked genially: "How cold it was last night! Knowing that the room next to mine was unoccupied, I took the liberty of helping myself to an extra covering from there !"
Christmas ghosts are beneficent beings, and no tale that represents them otherwise than as instinct with "goodwill to men" can be true.
"Heap on more wood, the wind is chill, But let it whistle as it will, We'll keep our Christmas merry still, And all the world be jolly!"
To enjoy the ideal Christmas one must spend it in the country in a wide, hospitable house, filled with one's favourite kindred—not forgetting the children—and from the fireside of which no member of the home circle is absent.
It is but a poor imitation of the real Christmas that
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