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December                                 471
spicuous by their absence, we must e'en follow our sports in person, and thereby probably lose nothing of fun.
A Three-legged Race
Some of the energetic youngsters may care to try a three-legged race. Four contestants submit to be tied together in couples, the right leg of one firmly strapped to the left leg of his companion just below the knee and at the ankle. They are carried or dragged to the starting-place, and some one counts the time-honoured formula, "One, two, three—go!" At the word "Go!" they start, or try to; sometimes coming down upon their knees or falling ignominiously flat, to be helped up, amid the cheers of their sympathisers or howls of derision. The two who are able to reach the goal first win the race, and are presented with a burlesque prize.
A Sack Race
A sack race is very amusing. Stout bags of burlap must be provided, large enough to incase the legs of the contestants up to the waist, and if the whole person is covered to the chin the test will be the more amusing. Any number may enter the lists, and start together at a given signal. They fare onward by a series of leaps, and if they roll over—a frequent experience—they must contrive to pick themselves up, or lie on the ground in hopeless defeat. The one who is still on his legs when all others are worsted wins the race.
Lawn Skittles
Lawn skittles may be played indoors or out. To the top of a pole, firmly fixed in the ground or floor, a ball is suspended by a rope. Two places at equal dis­tances from the pole at either side are marked out. Upon one, nine large, heavy ninepins are set up, and the player stands at the other. He takes the ball and
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