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December                                 475
"Because she helps to make the world pleasant."
"And why like a road?"
"Because she is much travelled."
"Why do you think her like a church?"
"Because her influence is uplifting."
"And why like laughter?"
"Because she is merry."
"And how like crying?"
"Because she brings relief to sad feelings."
"And how does she resemble ice-cream?"
"Because every one likes her."
"And how can she be like a clock?"
"Because she has a face and hands; she can run and strike, and the room is pleasanter where she is."
The answers all made, the leader or questioner may then say: "Now tell me 'What my thought is not like ?"
"Why is Mrs.-----unlike a carpet?"
"Because a carpet is all on a dead level, and 'custom cannot stale her infinite variety.'"
"Why does she not resemble a piano?"
"Because it is full of airs and she is most unaffected."
" In what way is she unlike a tree ?"
"A tree is green and she is quite 'au courant.'"
"And why is she not like a road ?"
"Because a road is common property and she is most exclusive."
"Why does she not resemble a church?"
"Because no one goes unwillingly to her."
"And why is she not like laughter?"
"Because she has her serious moments."
"And why unlike crying?"
"Because she is happy-hearted and smiles come to her readily."
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