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476 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
"Why is she not like ice-cream?"
"Because she is not cold."
"And why unlike a clock?"
" Because a clock reminds one of the flight of time, and she makes you forget it."
How, When, and Where?
Another diverting game is "How, When, and Where ?" One person leaves the room and the others choose some word that has several meanings, so that the answers may confuse and mislead. Upon return of the absent one, he puts the question, "How do you like it?" to each person in succession, some of whom give an answer appropriate to one meaning of the word and others to quite a different one. If not successful in discovering the word, he goes the rounds again, and asks this time, "When do you like it?" and a third time, if necessary, inquiring of each person, "Where do you like it?"
The one whose answer gives him the best clue to the discovery becomes the questioner in his turn. Should one fail to guess the chosen word at the third round, he must go out again unless some one volunteers to take his place.
For example, the word "cord" might be chosen. There is a chord in music, a cord of wood, and cord meaning twine. Or one might take "trunk." There is a trunk of a tree, the human torso, a traveller's box, the elephant's proboscis, and a trunk line of railway.
Christmas Candles
"Christmas Candles" is a good old-timer. A lighted candle is placed upon a table. Each player, in turn, is blindfolded and stationed with his back to the candle, about a foot from it. He is then told to take three steps forward, turn around three times, then walk four steps toward the candle and blow it out.
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