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482 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
shall not be at the expense of the culprit. When the gathering is in honour of a birthday, much emphasis should be placed upon that fact.
While the little host or hostess should not be allowed to forget the courtesy due to the guests, he or she holds for the moment the most prominent place.
A crown may be made from the birthday flowers by cutting a foundation of pasteboard and sewing or wiring the flowers upon it. When supper is ready, this should be placed on the head of the child whose birthday is being celebrated. The other children may be provided with the fantastic paper caps that come in German bon­bons, or with grotesque home-made ones of variously coloured paper muslin.
Wearing these, the children should march to the supper-room to the music of a lively march, in groups correspond­ing to the age of the child—that is, six together, or eight together, according to the number of years of the child in whose honour the party is being given. The birth­day flower should be pinned on the breast of each child as a boutonniere.
The supper menu should be simple, so that no after-penalty shall mar the memory of " a lovely time."
Bouillon in cups, chicken patties or croquettes, or creamed chicken in paper cases or with peas, sand­wiches of dressed lettuce, rolled and tied with ribbons, cakes, bonbons, ice-cream in flower moulds or any other device, appropriate to any special season—hearts for St. Valentine's Day, Santa Claus, reindeer or sleighs for Christmas, stars for Twelfth-Night, eggs in a nest of spun sugar for Easter, etc.
In the evening, lemonade is the favourite beverage, to which other fruit juices are sometimes added. For
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