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Children's Parties                         485
"So hard to please that, youth's bright season past, Your fate will be the 'crooked stick' at last."
"One there is who holds you dear, Whose heart is light when you are near."
"The sweetest maiden of them all, You'll wed a fellow six feet tall."
The couplets may be adapted to younger subjects, and for girls and boys of from fourteen to seventeen such a cake would probably contribute a pleasing feature for the supper-table.
For a Christmas party an "Ice Palace" or "The Home of Santa Claus " will please the children as the set­ting for a frolic.
The walls of the room are covered with white cheese­cloth, moistened with weak gum-arabic water and powdered with mica-dust.
The draperies should not be arranged with uniformity, but drawn over furniture that is set against the wall, so as to suggest snow-drifts. Sheets cover the floor, and small Christmas trees of various sizes are disposed about the room, each with its load of snow (cotton covered with mica).
Hidden lights, screened with papers, cast cold blue and green reflections, and jagged bits of combed-out cotton, frosted, hang like icicles from various points. Screens, covered with sheets to which sprays of ever­green are attached, help to break up the appearance of indoor uniformity of the room.
Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, dressed in red
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