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488 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A fairy with gauzy wings surmounted it, wand in hand, who was supposed to guide the choice of the King and Queen of the Revels—these latter being determined by the chance of ring and coin. The loaf was cut, and besides the fates' selection of their Majesties, one little girl was made happy by discovering in her wedge of cake a bit of paper wrapped in tin foil which she was encouraged to open, finding thereon the words, "The one who gets this may have the fairy doll."
The children then returned to the drawing-room, where they found Father Christmas and his (toy) goat, according to medieval precedent. He was dressed in a long red robe, furred with (canton flannel) ermine, and invited the girls to plunge their hands in his right-hand pocket and the boys in his left, from which each with­drew a card. Every card had upon it a name such as "Herald," "Jester," "Lady in Waiting," "Train-Bearer," "Page," "Maid of Honour," etc. During this ceremony,the little King and Queen had been detained in the "star-room," and now reappeared, arrayed in trail­ing robes of Turkey red, crowned with gilt paper, and carrying sceptres of croquet mallets, covered with the same rich substance.
The children then one by one retired to the little room and were quickly invested by the hostess with a bit of costume appropriate to the character chosen. The herald wore a paper cap and held a tin trumpet, the jester a parti-coloured cap, with cape falling over his shoulders, cut in points, with a folly-bell on each. The ladies-in-waiting had long trains fastened to their waists or shoulders, and feathered head-dresses, for which the dusters had been despoiled and embroidery hoops utilized, both covered with gilt paper.
The herald blew his trumpet with a flourish, and all
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