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Children's Parties                         489
marched in procession around the room, led by the King and Queen, to the music of a lively march, played alter­nately fast and slow, until, when all were scurrying mer­rily, the music stopped, and one game after another was played, guided by the King of the Revels, prompted by Father Christmas.
Before supper was served, a hobby-horse quadrille (described among Christmas festivities) was danced to conclude with.
At the little feast that followed, cakes galore adorned the table, in the midst of which was a centrepiece of a large star of white flowers outlined with holly.
To every child was given a "Twelfth-Day Cake" of some unusual pattern—round cakes with pale-pink frost­ing, surmounted with candied rose-leaves set so as to' look like a full-blown rose; daisy cakes iced in pale-green, upon which blanched almonds were set in a circle with the heart of the flower of yellow "fondant." There were violet cakes with lilac icing and candied violets set upon them so as to resemble the flower, and heart-shaped ones, the sugar atop coloured with fruit red, and bordered with French candied cherries, following the outlines. Stars of Bethlehem were baked in star-shaped tins, iced in white with a marshmallow upon each. Every one had some little feature to mark it as different from common­place, everyday cakes.
The children looked so disappointed at being despoiled of their finery that they were allowed to keep it and take it home "to show mamma."
The world improves in common-sense as it grows older, though it may be the fashion to decry the present and talk of the "good old times."
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