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Children's Parties .                        493
wins might like to own the dove. The boy's prize might be a game of Quoits or Ring-Toss, or a good bow and set of arrows.
Needless to say that at the little feast that follows, everything that can be in heart-shape should be given that form.
A valentine at each place will answer for name-cards. One feature of the supper might be a tart for each child, baked heart-shape, "sent with the compliments of the Queen of Hearts, whose tarts are well known to fame."
The children were invited to a midday dinner, with games and sports to follow, and were much pleased to find a thoroughly Easter repast. The centrepiece was a large nest of spun sugar in which were "surprise eggs" for every child present.
Perched upon each name-card was a small butterfly —painted upon Watman paper, cut out, its body held to the card by a drop of mucilage and the wings raised as though about to fly. The menu was as follows: Clear Soup, with Egg-balls Shad-roe Roast Chicken (Developed Eggs) Potato Balls, Egg-shaped in Nest of Spaghetti Individual Portions of Pease in Spinach Nests Omelette Souffl£e Ice-cream Eggs The children found much pleasure after dinner in hunting for coloured eggs which had been concealed about the rooms in all imaginable places. The one who found the largest number won the prize of an egg painted to resemble a baby's face, and which, with cap and flowing robe, made a fairly acceptable doll.
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