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494 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Another, with fool's-cap and grinning painted face, representing a clown, was the "booby" prize.
They then amused themselves with the old game, "Matching Eggs," hitting their ends together to see which was hardest—the one who succeeded in cracking the eggs of his opponents being the winner.
They next tried the "Potato Race," using eggs instead of potatoes, until it was proposed to play an Easter game for which preparation had been made in an up-stairs sitting-room.
Attention was there directed to several small envelopes filled with flower-seeds, and to each package was attached a cord of a different colour. Each person was invited to choose a cord and follow where it should lead—for at the other end would be found the flowers to which the seeds belonged, and the one who should first match seeds and flowers should have a prize.
The cords, of course, were carried in as intricate a manner as possible, under furniture and rugs, around door-handles, wound about tacks in the floor, etc., until finally each person found a potted plant with paper frills or a bunch of the flowers, appropriate to the seed.
The blue cord led to the forget-me-nots, the white to the stock-gillies, the red to carnations, yellow to daf­fodils, the green to mignonette, etc., the lilac to violets, the purple to pansies, and the pink to primroses.
After the merry scrimmage and the awarding of the prize—a pot of Annunciation lilies—some one proposed music, whereupon all joined blithely in singing Easter carols, accompanied on the piano by one who knew how to inspire a spirited rendering of the praiseful words. Thereafter the little guests went their several ways.
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