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Children's Parties
The festival of May Day has existed from the earliest times. Most nations celebrate the return of spring with some bright and joyous merrymaking, but this one forms part of our heritage from the ages.
If the weather is unfavourable for open-air amuse­ments, the now popular May-party, as an indoor function, is very beautiful and merry in character. As the gift-tree of the Yule-tide finds welcome and place in modern homes, so does the pretty May-pole, flower-wreathed and gay with many bright-coloured hanging ribbons. The flower throne, the royal procession, the coronation of the youthful Queen, the homage of her loyal subjects as holding the bright ribbons they sing and dance around the May-pole, Her Majesty the central figure—forms an exquisite living picture.
If a genuine May-festival of the olden time is presented, the games that follow are very ancient, handed down for many centuries. International and universal proof exists that they have been known as factors in child life in many eras and countries. Simple and nonsensical as are the rhymes and music of these games, they are doubtless a survival of the ancient joyous May-festivals, when the world of adults as well as the children danced and sang around the May-pole or "rose-tree," as it was often called.
Froissart speaks of joining in
"Games that children every one Love till twelve years old are done."
Included in the list and played to-day without much change by the children of many lands are "Ring Around a Rosie," "London Bridge is Falling Down," "Miss Jennia Jones," "Oats, Pease, Beans," "Tag," and
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