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496 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
"Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush." Without question, they are links between the past and present, many of them historic or legendary in origin and to be encouraged for May Day as a departure from the ordinary games of other fete days during the year. Innocent and joyous the May-Day party is or should be.
The first requirement is the May-pole, which should be about ten feet high, six inches thick at the base, tapering toward the top, and fixed firmly in a wooden box for support. This need not be more than a foot or two in height, if the pole be held within the space between four cross-pieces of wood, nailed to the ends and sides of the box, which is then filled with stones and covered with a green cloth, moss, leaves, and flowers.
Within a foot of the top, four-yard lengths of inch-wide ribbons of two harmonising colours should be fastened. Around the pole, concealing the place where these are fastened, a wreath of flowers should be sus­pended, held on a wire frame, or made to surround a wheel attached by its spokes to the pole. Tie gay streamers or pennons above the wreath near the top, and with potted ferns and daisy plants at the base it will be "a thing of beauty."
After the little guests have become acquainted and at their ease through the playing of games, and before the dance about the May-pole, the Queen of the May must be chosen. Baskets filled with rose-petals made of pink tissue-paper—each with a bit of white paper folded small at its base—are passed around. A basket holding tiny pink pencils is offered to each guest with which to write his or her vote for the Queen. These are then collected, counted, and the name proclaimed— which should be received with applause.
A throne (wicker chair wreathed in greenery aiu1
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