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natural or paper flowers) is brought in, and the May-queen is conducted to it with ceremony.
The little host or hostess should crown the Queen, reciting—if desired—the following lines:
"Maiden, we hail thee as Queen of the May ! Our love bring as tribute and bow to thy sway. On no canopied throne do we place our fair Queen, And no false-hearted countries around her are seen. But over our hearts, oh, long may she reign, And only true subjects be found in her train! When in the dear home which your infancy knew Or when with your comrades though loving and true, How little you dreamed of this glorious hour When subjects bend low to acknowledge your power. Your power is the power of a virtuous mind, The power of a heart, ever gentle and kind; No cold, glittering bauble I bring to you now— An emblem more fitting I place on your brow. 'Tis a garland of roses, though spotless, I ween, It is not more pure than the heart of our Queen."
If the hostess be the one chosen for May-queen, her mother or some older person may crown her and recite the lines. The Christian name may be substituted for the word "maiden." It seems more personal.
The first act of the May-queen must be to choose her court. The announcement of the ceremony is made by her herald—a boy with a trumpet from which hangs a square of Turkey red surrounded with gilt paper-fringe and bearing on it three fleurs de lis of the same material. A large basket is then brought in, from which the Queen takes wreaths of spring (paper) flowers, with which she crowns each little girl who bows before her. The child is called by the name of the flower composing the wreath. To each boy is given a posy
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