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Children's Parties                         499
ribbons—half of them holding them in the right hand and half in the left, as they face each other in couples. As the signal to begin is given, each dancer steps daintily in time to the music past the person facing him, passing under the ribbon, and then allows the next person met with to pass under the ribbon he holds—and so tripping along and thus plaiting the ribbons about the pole until it is covered for about two feet, whereupon the order of dancing is reversed and the ribbons are thus unwound.
It will be the more effective if the dancers join in singing some appropriate words in time to the music, though this, of course, could not be expected of very little ones.
If it be desired to give favours, "May-baskets'* of pink cardboard tied with ribbons and filled with pink bonbons would be appropriate.
This festal entertainment would be vastly more charming out of doors, but our May is too capricious for us to be able to count upon her smiles.
To a certain small maiden Providence had been so kind as to send a birthday in June, and added yet one more grace to the gift in making a radiant day for its celebration.
Of course the party had to be out of doors, and as roses ran riot in the garden, and acres of daisy-strewn meadows stretched in every direction beyond the grounds, it was determined to give to the entertainment a more festal character by using in the games, decor­ations, and table appointments as many of the lovely blossoms as possible.
The piazza, made to look as much like a room a*
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